Sunday, May 9, 2021

On MLK Day, men encouraged to stand for better selves, better community

from 13News Now.

NEWPORT NEWS — ‘One p.m., right here, MLK on the steps of City Hall something powerful is going to happen,’ promised minister Rashad Cartwright.

Cartwright wants 1,000 men to show up in Downtown Newport News Monday and commit to being better fathers and better citizens to help solve community problems, including crime.

Rashad Cartwright speaking

Rashad Cartwright speaking

Cartwright calls the rally Men Stand.

‘It’s crazy when you are getting two or three killing in the same area, and when you are out here feeding the community, and then you hear gunshots, and then the kids are running for cover,’ said rally supporter Rasule Smith.

‘It doesn’t matter what color you are, whether it’s white, black, Hispanic, whatever. A lot of men think that if they are financially supporting their children or morally supporting their children, they don’t need to be involved in their lives,’ said rally supporter Peter Castaldo.

Councilwoman Tina Vick is supporting Men Stand.

Cartwright supported her Feed 1,000 rally back in December.

‘To think that it’s normal to go to jail and have a felony, we have to stop that. There are some things we have to say, ‘It’s not normal to walk away from your family and not take care of your children,” Vick told 13News Now.

‘Right now, we’re going through a lot of entitlement. We feel like we are owed a lot,’ noted rally supporter D’Shawn Wright. ‘There are no more leaders. We gotta show that’s not the case anymore.’

Cartwright wants the group to pray for high school drop outs, homes with absent fathers, and the incarcerated, and then come back in 6 months and prove those numbers decreased because of their efforts.

‘Network so you can do better. If you don’t have a job, network out here tomorrow and you might get a job. Whatever you need. Let’s work hard for it. We need this. We need this,’ exclaimed Smith.


Rashad Cartwright is an Entrepreneur, Pastor, and Community Leader. On September 23, 2016, Mayor Will Sessoms of Virginia Beach, VA, named September 23 'Rashad D.L. Cartwright Day'.