Sunday, July 12, 2020

I’m angry. I’m frustrated. Another black body has been killed


Every time we connect something powerful happens! Can’t wait for


Here’s a clip from a film on a health challenge 5 of my friends around the nation are doing. It started as a challenge

Just do it! You don't have to be the faster, strongest, or the greatest. If it's in you DO IT.

I just noticed I was feature on @juicefixjuicery page. This is a great black-owned husband and wife business located in Williamsburg. I purchase all

Family is important! Had a great time with the fam over some delicious food. All the family aren't pictured and to those they were

Every night I share a prayer on my Facebook page. It's just a simple sentence or two. It's actually an abbreviation of my entire

As I'm viewing online the release of Jaden Smith's video 'ICON' I am sadden when I click on the comments to read feedback. The

It's fair to say the penal and justice system needs major changes. I hear folks say Free Meek Mill. I understand if your actions